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Afrikaans Safari is the travel agency for your customized trip in South Africa. Because we listen to your wishes, we can offer you the ultimate safari. In addition to personalized safaris, we can also combine the trip with various privileged activities in South Africa. With a contact person/guide nearby and with the help of our cooperation partners you can always enjoy a carefree trip with Afrikaans Safari.

Because our travel guide knows where to find all the unique places in South Africa, he can also give you the best advice. Get inspired through our inspiration pages. It will get an idea of all the beautiful things South Africa has to offer. If you select and describe your wishes on my personalized trip, we will discuss your travel wishes with you by telephone. On the basis of the telephone conversation, we can extend or adjust the trip, so that the trip is composed entirely according to your wishes. You will have a Dutch guide on location, either fully or partially. Because there is always a contact person present, you do not have to worry about unforeseen circumstances during your trip. After all, we are always there for you!

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