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Our Dedication

Afrikaans Safari has emerged from our passion for animals, and our story can be found on the website. As briefly mentioned there, we are dedicated to contributing to the conservation of nature.

If you are looking for population figures from the last 100 years, the 20th century was challenging for animals. Species that once numbered in the hundreds of thousands to millions have been decimated and now consist of thousands to tens of thousands of individuals. Their habitats have significantly diminished, leading to increased proximity between animals and local residents, resulting in conflicts.


Across the globe, many people are fighting for nature conservation, whether through scientific studies, education, job creation for local communities, or rescuing animals in urgent need.

We strive to participate in this battle and contribute in every possible way, no matter how small. Here’s how we aim to make a difference:


  • Ethical Safaris: Self-drives themselves are not unethical, but it is crucial to follow some rules. Small things to be aware of to minimize damage, such as avoiding elephant dung or the road.
  • Ethical Activities: We will do everything to provide you with useful tips and enhance your chances of seeing the animals you desire. However, activities involving interaction with wild animals are often not as animal-friendly as described and are therefore not promoted. If you are looking for such interaction, a conservation safari can be a good alternative.
  • Raising Awareness: There is so much happening in the world; it’s impossible to keep track of everything. We will try to create awareness for nature conservation and its fauna so that we can help in every possible way.
  • Donations: Our bookings will result in one or more donations to organizations promoting nature conservation. Finances are usually the biggest challenge because nothing can be done without money. Therefore, it is important for us to make significant donations to ensure that these people can effectively carry out their work.
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