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Golf South Africa

Golf South Africa South Africa is a prime location to play golf. The South African golf courses are well maintained and are among the best on the continent of Africa. Within this trip you will explore the beautiful golf courses of South Africa and we will end the trip with an unforgettable safari experience. Golf

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South Africa is the place for wildlife photography. The wild nature and animals allow us to take beautiful photos in South Africa. With different lenses and cameras we manage to take beautiful pictures to show to our family and friends. But do you want to go a step further and come home with pictures like

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Tuli Block

Tuli Block is located just outside South Africa in Botswana is known as a beautiful safari destination. This rugged landscape in Botswana gives you a purer and wilder safari experience than other parks. It is a 4-hour drive from the most northern gate of the Kruger National Park. Like the Kgalaghadi Transfrontier Park, in Tuli

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Pongolapoort nature reserve

The Pongolapoort Nature reserve is a beautiful private reserve located just below Eswatini. The elevated lodges give you a beautiful view over the lake and the river. Pongolapoort Nature reserve offers a wide selection of activities that other parks do not offer. You can go on a wonderful boat safari where the animals greet you

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Combine your tour of South Africa with a visit to Eswatini. Previously known as Swaziland. Visit Hlane National Park, the king’s park. Travel back in time and get away from a luxury like electricity. Here you get the authentic Eswatini experience complete with traditional dance. Hlane National Park is the park of the Eswatini king.

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Tsisikamma National Park

Tsisikamma National Park is a beautiful nature park. Here you can go on several hikes and where nature shows her best side. Due to the several paths, this national park offers something for everyone. There are paths along the ocean and through the forest. The most famous path is the path to the suspension bridge

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Hot Air Ballooning

During your safari you can take a balloon ride over Kruger National Park with Afrikaans Safari! Hot air ballooning will be one of the most unforgettable moments of your holiday afterwards! From the air you can see the animals in its natural habitat! When the balloon takes off it is completely silent and most animals

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Wildlife course

Afrikaans Safari presents a real Wildlife course in South Africa. In cooperation with our partners in Balule Private game reserve we offer you this course to experience the bush differently. This course is no ordinary course. Certainly at the end of this Wildlife course you will know more about the flora and fauna of South

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Kruger National Park

The well-known Kruger National Park is the main attraction in South Africa. A large part of this beautiful park is open to visit. The park is about the size of the Netherlands and is home to a wide range of animal species: 148 mammals, 505 birds, 118 reptiles, 53 fish species and 35 amphibians! The

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