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I would like to book my trip with Afrikaans Safari, how long in advance do I have to book the trip for my desired departure date?

Afrikaans Safari specializes in tailor-made travel and there is always the option for a guide on location. We take in all requests with a minimum of 4 weeks in advance. Do you still want to book last minute trip? Contact us. We will look into the possibilities in this time period in consultation with you.

How do I book my tailor-made trip to South Africa?

You can make a request with us to compile your tailored safari. With your requests you can indicate which sights you want to visit during your trip. When Afrikaans Safari has received your request, our travel guide will contact you to discuss you wishes and to submit a customized proposal for your trip by e-mail. Do you want to be inspired? Then be inspired by all the sights in South Africa on our inspiration pages!

I want to go to a place of interest that is not on one of the inspiration pages. Can I include in my trip?

Yes, all of our travels are tailor-made. You can visit points of interest and go on excursions that are not on our website.

I would like to book a trip without flights, is this possible?

You can book a trip without flights at Afrikaans Safari. You can indicate this in the travel from and during your contact with us. Do you want to use the service of Afrikaans Safari for booking domestic flights? Please indicate this in time on the travel form or during your contact with us.

Why are there no prices displayed on the website?

Because Afrikaans Safari offers tailor-made travels the choice have been made not to mention prices on the website. If you submit a travel request via the website, the travel guide will discuss with you the travel budget with you. You won’t have to choose for a more expensive trip, but Afrikaans Safari will do it’s utmost to put together the perfect trip for you in your budget. Our guides also indicate in time whether your wishes are feasible within the travel budget that you have drawn up.

Is it only possible to book guided trips with Afrikaans Safari?

Afrikaans Safari specializes in tailor-made travel. We only compile trips that meet your wishes. You can opt for luxury, but also camping and everything inbetween. We think that a guide on location gives you overall an better experience and a more relaxing trip. However it all depends on your wishes. If you want to a private guide and or driver during your trip is completely up to you.

Travel preparation

Is it possible to take out travel insurance through Afrikaans Safari?

At this time it is not yet possible to take out travel insurance through Afrikaans Safari. You can check whether you have all the necessary insurance for this trip through your insurance company.

My children will go to South Africa, do they need their own passport?

All flights to areas outside of Europe require that everyone has their own passport, including your children. In order to fly to South Africa, the passports must be valid for at least another 6 months and have 3 blank pages. Applying for a new passport takes approximately a full working week. The months of May to July are busy months in most municipalities. The best thing to do is to apply for a new passport one month in advance.

Does Afrikaans Safari have liability insurance?

Yes, Afrikaans Safari is in possession of liability insurance.

I will soon be traveling to South-Africa with African Safari, which vaccinations do I need?

You will need to check this with your general practitioner.

Do I need a visa for my trip to South Africa?

You do not need to apply for a travel visa in advance for your trip to South Africa.

When will I receive my travel documents from Afrikaans Safari?

You will receive your travel documents 10 days before your departure date. Before that you have been in contact with Afrikaans Safari several times about your customized trip. You have also received a proposal and confirmation of your customized trip by e-mail.

I have already reviewed my customized trip with the travel guide and confirmed it. Is it possible to make a change in the itinerary?

After confirming your tailor-made trip it is still possible to make changes. Afrikaans Safari will seek for a desired solution for you and also look to minimize the extra costs.

Tour guide

Am I always assured of a travel guide during my trip?

During your customized trip you are always assured of a travel guide if choose for this. We are convinced that our travel guides will make your experience in South Africa more pleasant. You always have an option to a permanent contact person during your trip. If you do not want to visit all the points of interest under the guidance of a  passionate safari guide, you can indicate this in the application form. We can then explore the possibilities together.

When do I meet my travel guide?

During the booking process at Afrikaans Safari you will have contact with the tour guide. The tour guide will meet you personally on arrival at the airport in South Africa.